Q: Can I use the results of color analysis for more than just choosing clothing colors?

A: Yes, your personal color can be applied beyond clothing. It’s useful for selecting hair color, glasses, accessories, scarves, hats, makeup, and any other personal items.

Q: Can you check if my cosmetics match my personal color?

A: Yes, if you bring your cosmetics, I can check it for you. You can also try out some samples of lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush that I have organized by personal color at my salon. While I don’t offer makeup lessons or makeup application services, I will explain in detail which colors suit you, enabling you to discern the difference in makeup colors on your own.

Q: Is it okay to arrive at the salon with makeup on?

A: Color analysis is most accurate without foundation, lipstick, and blush, but don’t worry—I have makeup remover wipes available, so you can remove it after you arrive.

Q: Can I keep my glasses on for the analysis?

A: Generally, I ask that you remove your glasses for the analysis. However, if you have trouble seeing your skin tone changes from about 50cm away without them, I recommend wearing clear contact lenses. If you don’t have contacts and understand that the frames may affect the results, you can keep them on during the analysis.

Q: Can I have a color analysis done if I have dyed hair?

A: Yes, but please be aware that your hair color will significantly impact the analysis. The results will be based on your hair color at the time of your appointment. I’ll ask you to tie your hair back during the analysis.

Q: Can I bring someone with me?

A: My salon space is limited, allowing a maximum of two clients at a time. There’s no waiting area, so if you’re booking for one, please bring no more than one companion. For pair consultations, only the two clients being analyzed should come.

Q: Can children receive a color analysis, or come as companions?

A: Personal color is determined by an individual’s skin, hair, eyes, and lips color, which stabilizes in adulthood. I only accept bookings from individuals aged 20 and over. The salon is also an adult-only space.

Q: Is there an age limit for receiving a color analysis?

A: There is no upper age limit. Anyone over the age of 20 is welcome to book an appointment, and I have clients who are in their 60s and beyond.

Q: I have no background in color theory. Will I find the content of the color analysis difficult to understand?

A: Color theory is actually quite logical. Most of my clients are beginners, but I explain the reasons why certain colors suit you in a clear, easy-to-understand manner, so no prior knowledge is necessary.

Q: I’m concerned I won’t remember everything from the 1.5-hour analysis.

A: No need to worry—I will send you a personalized report in PDF format via email afterwards, so you can review the findings at any time. Please just relax and enjoy the experience.

Q: Can I take photos or videos during the session?

A: Video recording is not allowed. However, you can take photos of yourself with the drapes. I also take comparison photos of you with different drapes to show what suits you and include these in your personalized report.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: I only accept prepayment via credit card. A payment link will be sent in your booking confirmation email, and payment is required within 5 days of booking to confirm your reservation.

Q: Can I cancel my booking after making a reservation? What is your cancellation policy?

A: You can cancel up to 24 hours before your appointment starts for a full refund. Cancellations made after that will be charged in full.

Q: What happens if I am late on the day of the appointment?

A: If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, the length of your analysis session may be shortened. Please note that arriving more than 30 minutes late will result in a cancellation without a refund.

Q: I am traveling; can I bring my suitcase?

A: Yes, there is space available for you to leave large luggage.

Q: How far in advance can I book an appointment?

A: You can book appointments up to several months in advance, as indicated on the “Availability” page on my site. Please check for available dates before contacting me. For dates further in the future, please wait until the schedule is updated.

Q: If the day I want to book is fully booked, can I be put on a waiting list?

A: Yes, while cancellations are not frequent, I do accept waiting list requests. Please notify me of your wish to be placed on the cancellation waiting list via the inquiry form.